Burmese rubies

   Rubies from the valley of Mogok in Burma have long been the most sought after variety of rubies, or of any red stone for that matter. Burmese rubies' roots date all the way back to the Silk Road in 200 BC, with regular mining ongoing since roughly 600 AD, making them some of the oldest rubies discovered. Legend depicted in ancient paintings and manuscript details the first attempt of "mining" these stones barricaded in the Mogok "Valley of serpents"; The original miners would catapult hunks of meat into the valley in hopes that a falcon would mistake an alluvial ruby for a piece of meat. The miners would then retrieve these stones from a nest once dropped, or digested and passed by the bird. Burmese rubies claim such high esteem due to the pure and fluorescent-like red color with little to no pink or purple hues; known as "pigeons blood". Political complexities spanning from 1597 to now have made it difficult for outsiders to obtain these stones and impossible to determine the ethical implications of any given stone. Today these stones are more ethical than they have been in the past and can be exported with only a 10% tax; However it is estimated that still 90% of Burmese rubies mined and sold support the oppressive Myanmar military regime.                   (0.67 ct Burmese ruby pictured)



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